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Rotary unit Leslie 2101 (Black) 2102 (Silver)

Type: 3-channel (Rotary, Stationary-L, Stationary-R), Horn Rotor (Acoustic), Lower Rotor (2-channel digital)
Power Output: Horn-ch 50W, Lower-ch 50W x2
Speaker: Horn Driver x1, 13cm-Woofer x2, 5cm-Thweeter x2
Control: Volume (Sta-L, Sta-R, Rotary), Function Switch, Data Encoder, Preset, Save, Sta-Mute, Bass-Mute
Terminal: Leslie 11-pin socket, Leslie 8-pin DIN, MIDI IN, Rotary-input, Foot-sw1(preset), Foot-sw2(slow/fast), Lineout (Stationary-L, Stationary-R, Rotary-L, Rotary-R) Remote-power
Dimensions WxDxH: 50x50x32 cm Weight: 21kg Optional: Stationary Unit 2121, Stand, Foot-switch FS-9H, Leslie 11-pin cable >>more


The birth of the "New B3"

NEW Hammond B3 revealed at NAMM

More pics from Harv Olsen at NAMM

Hammond Suzuki, at the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show in Anaheim, revealed today that it is starting production of a new Hammond B3.

Hamtechers from the Hammond mailing list got a sneak preview early Thursday when Atsushi YAGASAKI revealed a picture of the new "clone" from his website. Harv Olsen said Thursday, The organ will be called "simply B3. Two prototypes built to date - limited production expected soon. No price yet but plan on EXPENSIVE, definitely NOT a gig organ..."

From the released pictures, the case looks good. It is reportedly a prototype case, and the "USA ones will be made by HamSuz USA's usual manufacturer.", according to Marc Mercier.

The organ has an all new keyboard with latching presets. According to George Fish, "There are 10 switches and bussbars, 9 contacts plus MIDI." The inclusion of the bussbars in the design of this organ, has the advantage of the designers not having to artificially create the desirable Hammond keyclick.

The original Hammond Organ has the infamous tonewheel generator. Apparently Hammond/Suzuki has designed a brand new tone source that is "rumored to be 91 or more sampled virtual tonewheels (always running), with several tonewheel sets available.

The cabinet is designed to be interchangeable with vintage Hammonds.

It weighs in at a paltry 209 pound compared to almost 400 for an original Hammond console.

From insider reports, it appears that Hammond has conquered the somewhat indescribable, undesirable beating affect that seems to plague most clones.

Some reports say that the keyboard is similar to the XK2. Joey DeFrancesco performed gave the gathered hammond throng a one hour demo. Apparently no one was disappointed. Joey will also be playing Saturday night with his trio.

Dennis Michael Wage

New Hammond B3 cont.



Also released at the NAMM show:

Roland VK-8 Combo Organ

The VK-8 Combo Organ puts the enhanced Virtual ToneWheel sound of the flagship VK-77 in an attractively priced single-manual design with a cool new "waterfall" style keyboard. But it doesn't stop there: The VK-8 also sports rotary speaker modeling based on COSM® technology, new orchestral voices and a D-Beam controller-making it the new leader in combo organs.

Korg BX3 $3,000

The Real Thing For years, if you wanted the sound of a real tone-wheel organ, there was only one instrument that could deliver – until the CX-3 was introduced in 2000. The CX-3 single manual, Combo Organ so accurately and faithfully re-created the classic sound, demand for a dual-manual grew. Now, two years later, Korg introduces the BX-3 dual manual, Combo Organ. »more

» Hammond Introduces New B3
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